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Facebook Falls On Mystery Announcement

Author : John Schofield   Top Author

Submitted : 2013-01-17    Word Count : 10    Popularity:   Not Rated

Tags:   Dow Jones, Dollar index, Gold, Brent Oil, ASX, Fiscal cliff

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Facebook Falls On Mystery Announcement:

On Tuesday, Facebook has launched a new facility for the users. In this new facility, there is a new search tool which is provided so that the users can follow their friends easily, get help to find the location & news about restaurants or having recommendations about movies.

Such new improvements are definitely going to make the users of facebook to smile, but at the same time, this new launch has opened a competition of facebook with other websites like Yelp & to some extend also with Google Inc.

This new search tool is called as graph search which was inaugurated by Mark Zuckerberg, the 28 year old founder & also chief executive of facebook.

Until now, facebook has the ability to show only the links of third party websites about things searched on facebook, but now with the new search tool called graph search, you will be able to have all the information on your wall, you search about. With this new search tools, you do to have to go to different search websites or go to other website links shared in facebook to get information about any certain place. The reviews will be on your wall with graph search just like you have on Yelp or on Google information sharing pages.

According to Mark Zuckerberg- "Graph search is designed to take a precise query and return to you the answer, not links to other places where you might get the answer, What you've seen today is a really different product from anything else that's out there."

With such new launch, the shares of facebook are a bit on the bad side. Where in the beginning of the year it was raised up to 15%, on Tuesday it had another 3% slid & went to a price of more than $30 per share in stock market. But also it broke the heart of some optimistic facebook users, as the rumors about launch of face books own smart phone or launching new search engine is on the market for so long time.

Facebook agents also say that in the beginning the new search tool is going to be available only with beta or trial version. Later with the rise in the number of users of this new search tool, it will come up with permanent upgrades. The facebook administrators are also concerned about the privacy policy of the users.

So people who will use this new search tools will only be able to trawl through the photographs of people, places they lived in or was in & the interests of people which is shared with them. A user can also monitor the contents, that to what extent his or her friends can see or trawl these elements with the new search tool of facebook.

While market analysts are saying that facebook is eventually going to challenge the worldwide popularity of Google Inc. but, Google stocks seem to have no impact from the new launch of facebook or from such predictions of market analysts, Where the shares of Yelp has dived more than 6% from the fears of this new search tool launch of facebook.

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FREE Million dollar trader interview - Watch in live as I show you a AWESOME tip on how to read the stock market -

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